Bat Removal Carson, CA.

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Bat Removal Carson

Urban Wildlife Removal is a professional bat removal company in Carson, California. We service Los Angeles County, CA. for problems relating to bat removal, bat exclusion and guano cleanup.

Services includes bat removal, cleaning and repairs for residential, industrial and commercial properties. We will take care of any problems relating to bats in Carson, California. We are experts in bat guano cleanup. Our state of the art equipment lets us remove bat guano in a safe and speedy manner. Don't let the bats in Carson take over your home, call us today, 714-602-3901.

We also provide dead bat removal, control, cleanup and other services that make us the most complete bat removal company in Carson. We have a nuisance wildlife removal permit from the State of California and we are fully insured.

We will physically remove the bat(s) from your home or building either by exclusion methods or a net or gloved hand. Our trained experts have experience dealing with bats in urban environments.

Bat Problems Carson

  • Bats in my attic | Our most common call. Bats usually get inside from a crack in the roofline or a broken vent screen.
  • Bats in my closet | This is a common problem and is usually where a scuttle hole is located.
  • Bats in my kitchen | Most of the time this is from an open window.
  • Bats in my bathroom | Again, usually from a open window or they could have come down from a vent fan.
  • Bats in my living space | Contain the bat to one room, wait until morning, call a bat company. If you can't wait, expect to pay a night visit charge.
  • Bats in my garage | Usually from the pull down attic hatch.
  • Bats in my walls | A common winter problem. Bats will get into your walls in extreme cold to stay warm.
  • Bats in my basement | This usually happens when young bats crawl around to explore.

We provide humane bat removal in Carson, California.

Bat Services Carson

Bat Removal

Removal and control of all types of nuisance bats in Carson. Including removal of bats from homes, attics and commercial properties.

Bat Damage Repairs

We repair damage caused by bats in the Carson attics of homes. Damage to sheetrock and other building material such as siding and roofs.

Commercial Buildings

Bats in commercial buildings like large government buildings, metal buildings, flat roofs and barns throughout Los Angeles County.

Guano Contamination

Insulation contaminated with bat guano needs to be cleaned. This includes attic insulation and wall and floor insulation contaminated by bat feces.

Residential Services

Bat removal from your home or attic. We can keep Bats out of your house with exclusion or bat proofing solutions.

Attic Restoration

Completely clean all insulation and replaces it with new insulation. This happens when insulation becomes contaminated with bat guano.

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